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Our company, which was established in 1990 with 30 years of experience, continues to serve in many areas.

It is divided into many branches as Machinery, Construction, Automotive, Natural Gas Engineering. Our company continues its activities with hundreds of references and reliable company understanding until now.

It is our aim to have a perfect working discipline to meet customer expectations, and to create an organized and coordinated team based on communication and non-prejudice-free communication for all employees to achieve continuous improvement success.


We are at your service with the most economical prices and a wide range of best products.






Understanding our customers, gaining their trust, maintaining their loyalty and reaching an uninterrupted level of quality is our primary duty.


Quality Policy

SAMUR MAKİNA takes care to use the innovations in information and communication technologies in product and production in accordance with the design, relevant standards, technical specifications, administrative and legislative requirements, construction technique and art in the production of auto lift and garage equipment.

Best Equipment


Latest Machines


30 Years of Experience


Since 1990, we have been offering you the best products and services with our experience.


We are increasing our product and service quality day by day and trying to offer you the best.

Fast Delivery

We know your time is precious and we attach great importance to fast delivery.

Economic Price

We make the best pricing for you and we never compromise on quality.

Expert Staff

Our employees; It has the best training in technical knowledge, quality and efficiency.

Customer Happiness

It is our indispensable principle to increase customer satisfaction by offering the best products and services.

What Are We Doing?

  • Car Lift Sales
  • Car Lift Technical Service
  • Secondhand Car Lift Buying - Selling
  • Our company, which continues to produce hydraulic and mechanical lifts and to sell scissor lifts, continues its services in 2015. We continue auto lift technical service, auto lift maintenance, second hand auto lift sales in Kocaeli. Our sales to Turkey has 81 provinces. Assembly-installation is done by our experienced team. All kinds of technical support is provided after sales.
Our company, which provides sales and technical service in all countries of the world, provides one hundred percent customer satisfaction by supplying the most suitable for you among hundreds of product portfolio. Our company, which also provides second hand compressor trading services in Kocaeli, supplies all kinds of Aydın Transformer Spare Parts.
  • Garage Equipment Bulk Sale
  • Electric Garage equipment sales
  • Best price guarantee
  • Our company in Kocaeli in Turkey has hundreds of kinds of air, electric hand tools, pressure washers (Foam machine, Hot Cold Washing, Brooms, Floor Cleaning-Carpet Washing), jacks, hoists, welding machines, lubrication devices, cranes, auto care products, trans pallets, industrial products, safety products, garden tools and machines
  • Housing projects
  • Land for Flat Purchase and Sale
  • Contracting
  • Housing projects, land purchase and sale, contracting, restoration, construction engineering, project drawing, flat, duplex and triplex sale from scratch, land purchase and sale for flat, landscaping.
  • Fleet Vehicle Sales
  • Second Hand Vehicle Exchange
  • Fleet Car Rental Services
  • Fleet Car rental and sale, second hand vehicle purchase and sale

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With our economical and fast delivery solutions; We are at your service with a wide range of products from Auto Lift to Compressors, Lubrication equipment to Garage equipment.


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